"Eric, I just can't tell you how happy I am with your work. Everything I need came in the mail and it all looks correct. Everywhere I need to sign is clearly marked. This is exactly what I need."

Tom McQuinn
McQuinn & Associates, Inc.


Roth CPA & Associates started doing my accounting for me in January 2008. They organized and entered into Quickbooks a huge amount of my financial data. With Roth CPA taking care of my accounting needs, I don’t need to worry about important deadlines or bills getting paid – I know that they are on top of it because they keep me informed and contact me on a regular basis. They manage QuickBooks files for several of my companies, do my accounts payable, and prepare my personal and business income tax returns at the end of the year. I have truly been impressed with the quality and quantity of accounting and bookkeeping work that they do for me at such a great price!

Gordon Edelheit
AR Portal, Inc.


“April 15th is no longer a dreaded time for me, since my income tax was prepared by your tax services. It was completed in a professional manner and each aspect of the process was thoroughly explained to me. I received answers which were particular to my situation and I felt at ease asking questions.”

Rosemary Flammer
Cincinnati, OH


"Great economical option for tax preparation. He is also a certified Quickbooks teacher. He came out and taught me how to enter all of my expenses when I started my business and still fields my occasional questions via phone. If your a small business check outRoth CPA for your accounting needs! I believe he also does full accounting- I choose to have a Quickbooks class and do all my payroll myself to save money- he will happily work within your budget!"

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